Now arriving at the MTAverse

The MTAverse collection was removed from OpenSea by Big DM©A. We made a new limited NFT to commemorate simpler times.


Collect the most iconic non-fungible train stations (NFTS)

Start spreading the news. For the first time in human history, you could be the proud owner of an iconic non-fungible train station, such as Grand Central Station, Times Square, Union Square, and more.


All details subject to change like the L train schedule. For legal reasons, some of the below is a joke.

🐀 Phase 0

SPECIAL AIRDROP: All participants in the original non-fungible train stations mint will receive a very special airdrop after all 472 non-fungible train stations have minted. Choo choo, mfers.

🚫 Phase 1

• OPENSEA DELISTING: When the big bad MTA comes knocking on OpenSea’s door with the inevitable DMCA request, we will airdrop a very special commemorative “NGMI” train station collectible to all non-fungible train station owners 👀

• IT’S SHOWTIME: Virtual MTAverse subway talent show.

🍕 Phase 2

SBARRO X MTAVERSE: A special edition physical Sbarro-branded MetroCard shipped to all non-fungible train owners.

💔 Phase 3

MISSED CONNECTIONS: Dating show exclusively for non-fungible train station owners. Find your subway cutie!

🎩 Phase 4

MONOPOLY X MTAVERSE: A virtual monopoly game — become king of your borough by buying up key non-fungible train stations!


What is the MTAverse?

MTAverse is a project created by a group of friends who love the NYC Subway and wanted to create a version of it on the blockchain. Ownership of a non-fungible train station confers no rights over an actual NYC subway station.

Is this affiliated with the actual MTA?

For legal reasons, this is a joke. This is not affiliated with the MTA in any way.

How many non-fungible NYC Subway Stations will be available for mint?

There will be 472 non-fungible NYC Subway Stations (listed here), each corresponding to a real NYC Subway Station across the four boroughs with stations (Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn). Unfortunately, Staten Island is the only NYC borough not connected to the subway. Wen non-fungible Staten Island Ferry? 👀

When can I mint my very own non-fungible train station?

Minting begins on Saturday, January 15th.

So if I mint a non-fungible train station, do I become the owner of the real corresponding meatspace NYC train station?

No. You become the owner of a non-fungible train station, which is even better. No rats, no jostling crowds, no doors closing on you during rush hour!

Can I mint a specific non-fungible train station?

Minting will be at random, but you’re welcome to buy your non-fungible train station of choice on OpenSea after the minting period is over!

Aren’t you just going to get DMCA’d?

You can DMCA deez nuts.